Hip Hop and Social Awareness

“Where my people it’s over 30 at? Where my human beings it’s over 40 at?” quote from a track via KRS One. Where are my 30 and over b-boys and emcees dwelling at in recent times? What are we listening to? Now I’m now not talking approximately the sort of people whom you ask what form of track they like and that they reply, “Whatever hot jams ninety seven.Five blazing warm air and rubbish hip pop station is playing.”

I am speaking approximately the ones who to nowadays nonetheless get excited to hear a new release from a classic emcee. The ones who can pay attention to an album from begin to finish. I can consider a time, developing up whilst it wasn’t mainstream in any respect. The track 30 and buy music downloads over listeners grew up with wasn’t watered down. And returned then, Hip Hop was normally simplest heard by means of internal town dwellers. Hardcore emcees would drop at most one album a 12 months and after they did, it turned into a masterpiece.

In the 80s and 90s growing up listening to hip hop tune was a much cry from how it’s far these days. B-boys and emcees used to be a choose organization of humans with actual competencies. Nowadays, evidently the talents took a back seat to flashiness whilst your fame is measured by means of what number of data you sell as opposed to your talent.

And sadly, maximum of the acts in recent times in reality lack artistic potential. The hype of this style has been blown out of share by using massive companies destined to earnings off of the popularity of this tradition and feature redefined this style into some thing the masses can swallow. But us authentic listeners understand the real essence of this tune and lots of us have discovered different outlets and genres that relate to hip hop to congregate at. I come to the table as a 25 yr listener and lover of this tune and my perspective is shared by means of many.

So Where are My 30 and over listeners at? Where are the grown hip hop fanatics?

You can find us dwelling in locations that play funk, broken beats and jazz. Because of the mass dissatisfaction of latest definition of hip hop, many DJ’s began to play the original samples that make up the body of a lot of our favorite songs from our technology. Honestly, if it wasn’t for a sturdy distaste for the modern nation of hip hop, I probably wouldn’t understand about all the tune I concentrate to from the 70’s. I get an awful lot pleasure going out to a front room, listening to a DJ play head bopping samples that resemble a number of my preferred tracks that I grew up with.

Afrobeat music venues additionally appeal to a number of us mature hip hop lovers. I discovered Afrobeat for the first time in Amsterdam Holland within the past due 90s. This became approximately the equal time it have become famous inside the United States however it is nonetheless not widely recognized and could clearly be taken into consideration underground. Furthermore, you can’t locate venues for Afrobeat just everywhere. You must be in a large city. However, inside the United States, you can always discover a hip hop head at an Afrobeat venue. And for accurate reason. Afrobeat song is typically documenting the strife that exists in Africa. Real hip hop song talks of the troubles of the ghetto. Afrobeat is modern and Hip Hop is too.